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I hang my cowboy hat in Denton, Texas. I am not a native Texan, but I got smart and moved here. So don’t be too tough on me, ok? I was born in Kansas in 1957. I spent a few years in California before making my way to the great State of Texas after my sister moved to Dallas in the 1980s. I was charmed by the City of Denton while I attended and graduated from the University of North Texas (UNT). Currently, I am working on my Masters of Public Administration at UNT.

I care about our environment and have been a longtime fan of green energy. In fact, I owned Solar Energy System Specialists and Texas Renewable Energy Systems. I am really proud of my contributions to making the planet a better place for us and our future generations. I designed and installed the solar panels at the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii. In West Virginia, I am credited with designing and installing the largest solar field in the state.

These days, I own and operate Cunnigham Repair and Remodeling. I work for home owners and local businesses.

I love movies, don’t you? I love to watch all types of films. I am huge fan of UNT’s film program. I have been active in the Texas film community for decades. I have attended and supported many films festivals and filmmakers in our region. I have even had a few film cameos! Film has changed my life in so many good ways from bringing friends into my life and guiding my life path.

My friends always tell me that I have a huge heart. They also call me a big, goofball and a clown. And you know what, they are right! I am a clown! My clown name is “Dr. Baloney! I volunteer at local hospitals visiting children and anyone who needs a reason to smile with my trademark red nose and lab coat. My volunteer work in our community is very important to me. I learned from and was trained by the best, Dr. Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams. I worked on the film “Patch Adams” with Robin Williams. I was so inspired that I started volunteering for the real “Patch.” I was trained at his Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia over two decades ago. It will always be an important part of who I am. I can make any balloon animal for you but only if you promise to trade me a smile!

I have served on the Parkland Hospital Homeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES) Board since 2014. Homelessness is a complicated issue in our region and country. For me, there is not a “one-size-fits all” solution.

I have voted over the years for all parties. I worked on Senator Bob Dole’s political campaign as well as on the campaign of President Barack Obama. I truly identify as an independent thinker. I think both the “Left” and “Right” have good and bad points. I like to listen to all sides of an issue and make the best decision possible regardless of party affliation. I want to do this for my fellow citizens. I feel like I can do that best as a candidate of the Independent Party.

I hope you will support me in my candidacy for the US Congress Texas 26th District House Seat!

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Just as every votes counts, every dollar counts! I would appreciate your financial support for my candidacy for the US Congress Texas 26th District House Seat. Donations of any size are welcomed. Thank you for believing in me!

This is my candidate pledge to you, my fellow Texans and to all Americans, I, William Robert “Billy-Bob” Cunningham solemnly pledge that:

I will always act in a positive, professional manner.

I will only accept money from individuals or organizations that allow full disclosure of their tax records and financial campaign contributions.

I will not accept “strings attached money.” No amount of money will influence my policy decisions. My voice and vote cannot be bought.

I will disclose all contributions during my campaign and all income received while in office by naming the source and amount.

I will act in a non-partisan manner in office and work for all of my constituents as a pragmatic problem solver.

I will follow the core principles of the US Constitution as my guiding light.

I will act with integrity, competence, courtesy, and respect.

I will act in an ethical manner for all citizens regardless of political party or religious affiliations.

I will not allow my personal, ideological, religious, or other biases to have an undue influence on the peoples’ business.

I will try to be intellectually open-minded and rely on verifiable data and best practices in crafting and approving public policy.

I will not resort to negative campaigning.

I will provide constructive proposals and perspectives to affect positive, forward moving change.

I will remain in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and provide regulators and constituents with full transparency.

I will release my personal tax documents yearly while in office.


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The 26th Congressional District

Billy Bob for Texas

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200 Ave D.
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